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By accessing this Site, ordering products and/or using the services, you hereby agree to be legally bound by these Web Terms. Shall you refuse to accept these Web Terms and/or the additional terms, kindly leave the site and discontinue using our services immediately. “by Mera-ki” reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this page without prior notification.

Kindly read this page every time you enter into this website so that you are aware of any Terms & Conditions changes. You may also refer to the FAQ page if you have any further inquiries that may have already been answered.

Order Policies

The buyer must ensure that the full and accurate recipient address will be provided without errors. We shall not be held responsible for the missing parcel / delay in delivery. “by Mera-ki” reserves the right to reject or refund your orders at our own discretion. 

By completing your order, you are providing consent to be bounded by our terms and conditions within this page and anywhere on our website. Submitting your orders will immediately subject you to accept the terms and conditions, as well as the order contents. Submitting your order is subject to our acceptance of this offer. We will send an email confirmation of your order details to advise that we are processing your order via the email address you provide. We will not consider ourselves bound by a contract with you until we have issued this email confirmation.

All sales are final once the orders are being placed by the customer. Any changes would not be available and the orders will be processed between 2-5 business days. All of the information provided by the customer for courier purposes should be accurate and complete.

Shipping Policies

  •  All shipping & deliveries are performed by EasyParcel & their partners. Once the parcels are handed over to the courier companies, “by Mera-ki” will no longer be liable for its condition or any changes in or deterioration of its condition during the transit or thereafter. 
  • “by Mera-ki” will ensure all parcels are properly packed and are in good condition before handing over the parcels to the courier companies. This means that we will inspect and take photos of the items before shipping out. We would also include “fragile” sticker to instruct courier crews to be careful with the parcel. See more information from the Returning and Refunding Policies section.
  • Once parcel is shipped from our side, the liability of the parcel lies with the courier service. However, we will try our best to liaise with the courier service on behalf of the customer.
  • In order to ensure smooth delivery process, accurate shipping details must be entered. “by Mera-ki” will not be liable for any missing / lost / undeliverable parcels if the main cause is due to false or incorrect shipping details under any circumstances. Additionally, “by Mera-ki” reserves the rights to cancel and refund the order if the shipping details are intentionally entered incorrectly to obtain free shipping or cheaper shipping options. 
  • The changes of courier company used can be done without prior notice. The actual charges of the delivery fee (incl. packaging and efforts to post out) by us is the same as the price shown in the cart page. The final courier company that will be sending out parcel will reflect in the tracking information posted within your account page.

Local Deliveries (Malaysia only)

Local deliveries are available based on the postcodes that are within reaches of EasyParcel’s courier partner. In the event that “EasyParcel” shipping charges are not displayed, you must contact us before ordering so we can ensure that your location is eligible for delivery. In the event that an order is placed before shipping eligibility is confirmed, “by Mera-Ki” reserves the right to cancel and/or refund your order. Any and all “Free shipping” labels shown on does not guarantee free shipping nor eligibility of shipping to the specified location in your address; aforementioned label is only to show eligibility of free shipping to certain locations.

International Shipping

International shipping services are subjected to availability. Such service will be subjected to a certain amount of handling fee, which will be quoted upon inquiry. “by Mera-ki” will not be liable for any custom payments incurred during shipment. For custom procedures and CIF values chargeable for clearance fee, please visit the official custom website of your country. You may find the CIF for Singapore and Australia from their website. 

Self-Collection / Self-Pickup

All self-collection / self-pickup are free of charge but a RM10 refundable deposit** is required. The buyer/receiver must arrive on time and no later than 15 minutes. If the order has not been collected after 15 mins since the selected time slot, the Stockists have the option to decline the collection. In the aforementioned scenario, the buyer/receiver must arrange another time slot with the Stockist. Orders that are not picked up within 7 days will be forfeited and refunds will not be available.

Once you have received an updated order status of “Completed” via email, please make an appointment with our Stockists before collection and make sure to keep us in the loop! We will drop off your order on every Saturdays (between 11am – 2pm)! How to select which day to collect:

  • If you had received the “Order Status: Completed” email on Monday – Friday
    –> Choose Saturday of same week or any day after
  • If you had received on Saturday – Sunday
    –> Choose Saturday of next week or any day after
* Holiday: Order will be processed on a business day (i.e.: holidays are not included in processing / available collection day). Stockists may be open during certain holidays, please inquire to make sure.
** Refundable deposit will only be refunded provided that the orders have been picked up. If the order has not been picked up within 7 days, then the deposit would not be refundable.
*** Orders that are not picked up within 7 days of appointed timeslot will be forfeited. The order and the deposit will not be refunded.
**** Available timeslots are subjected to the Stockist’s schedule and availability.

Returning and Refunding Policies

  • Conditions:
    • [No defects/Correct Order] All orders are not refundable and/or exchangeable once it is sold.
    • [Major defects/Wrong Order; caused by “by Mera-ki”] Exchange is available if the box is not opened and the warranty seal is not broken. Return/exchange request must be made within 3 days since delivered, otherwise the requests will be denied.
    • [Items not picked up (Klang Valley only)] All orders and deposits are not refundable.
  • In the situation where goods/products has been determined by “by Mera-Ki” to be used or damaged by you and/or the recipient, then return and exchanges will be denied and no refund of either the goods/product or shipping cost or any other related costs will be made.
  • Exchanges can be offered for any items to be returned due major defect or incorrect order. All items will be inspected with photos and/or videos taken before sending out the orders. This means that we will compare both sides of evidences before determining the eligibility of returning and exchanges.
  • The burden is with the sender to inform the recipient of the delivery. We are not responsible for any orders that the recipient had refused to accept. We will not issue any refunds for parcels that are not accepted by the recipient for any reasons. This does not affect your statutory rights.



Shipping born by

No defects, correct item

No exchanges or refunds available


Wrong item

Exchanges only

by Mera-ki / Local Pick-up

Major defect

Exchanges only

by Mera-ki / Local Pick-up

Courier-related damage, lost, delay

No exchanges or refunds available


Incorrect shipping details by customer discovered before order processing

Partial Refund with a 20% handling fee


Incorrect shipping details by customer discovered after order processing

No exchanges or refunds available


Incorrect shipping option selected by customer before order processing

Partial Refund with a 20% handling fee


Incorrect shipping option selected by customer after order processing

No exchanges or refunds available


Order not picked up within 7 days since dropped off (Klang Valley)

No refunds (including deposit)


Parcel rejected by recipient

No exchanges or refunds available


How to apply for returning and exchanges: 

Please be reminded that returning and exchanges are only applicable to wrong/defected item caused by “by Mera-ki”. 

  1. Send us photo proof of the defected / wrong item to [email protected] with the title “REFUND / RETURN – Order #XXXX”.
  2. Once we have confirmed the availability for returning and/or exchange, please proceed to return the item through the following methods
    • Drop off to the stockist locations via available appointments made.
    • Drop off to your closest drop off point with instructions from us.
  3. After we received the items, we will proceed to send you the replacement (if applicable).
All returns are final and further requests will not be entertained.

Media Policies

We reserve the right to not include / accept any photos or media files that are related to any of the aspects below:

  •  Nudity/pornography, drugs, government/political issues, religion issues, intimidation/threat/violence issues, terrorism, any other issues that deemed to be unsuitable to be included in our website, and materials that go against Malaysia Government Law.


All contents inside of this website is for information only. We will not be liable for any loss/damage, directly/indirectly whatsoever, loss of data/profit or any other matters which has negative impact to you due to the use of this website.

“by Mera-ki” is not liable for any other issues which is not under our control or beyond our control. “by Mera-ki” will not be available outside operation/ business hours.

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