Thick’ms: Zelenia


There’s no wrong way to wear Zelania. She’s capable to handle almost every single situation.

  • Short-Medium semi-wispy with cat-eye effect.
  • Natural, soft and voluminous texture.
  • Premium quality synthetic fibre (because we say no to real hair/animal fur!)
  • Handcrafted with love! It lasts longer than the majority of the lashes out there.
  • 10- 15 average uses per pair under proper care.
  • Soft and comfortable black bands.
  • Suitable for every occasion.

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MRKI false lashes names are inspired by names that are related to the moon, with the shape of the lashes similar to the crescent and the quarter moon phases. The name Zelenia is a Greek name, meaning ‘the moon’.

Zelenia is a pair of short-medium length false lashes that has a little crisscross pattern. It is suitable for everyone who wants to have full voluminous lashes that is also suitable for daily wear without looking overwhelming. We see Zelenia as the strong girl walking down the hall with her shoulders back, intimidating popular kids who were tempted to do something bad on her but couldn’t find the courage to. (The popular kids never knew why they couldn’t.)

This product includes a pair of false lashes. (psst the lucky ones may get some small freebies too!)
* This batch includes a tray and a transparent cover.

Why we won’t sell our own lash glue?
MRKI does not have the heart to sell/private branding/repackage lash glues that may potentially cause eye-related medical problems to our customers. That is until we are fully satisfied with the quality and safety of the lash glue. For now, we would only suggest proper lash glue brands for you to go for. (Ps: We always recommend using D.U.P EX Eyelashes Fixer eyelash glue!)

Can you wear it more than 10-15 times?
The reason why we would recommend a maximum of 10-15 times is because of hygiene purposes but if you are really, really good at taking care of it, then I suppose you can wear it up to 35 times. That is (!) if the lashes are well cared for. Don’t risk getting eye infections! It’s not worth it 🙁

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