Ritualistic Supplies: Cat Whiskers


Ethically harvested from happy cats!

  • Magical boost
  • Good Luck
  • Protection
  • Get Past Obstacles
  • Navigation/Guidance Spells
  • Travel Protection


Cat whiskers possess remarkable qualities that can amplify your spells or manifestations (whisper to it and burn it into the flames of a golden candle), bringing forth a wealth of good luck and protective energies for various intentions (carrying in a mojo bag). These whiskers serve as tools for navigation in the feline world, making them valuable components in guidance or navigation spells (open road spells; carrying one). Their essence aids in surmounting obstacles and aligning with desired outcomes.

Additionally, retaining a cat whisker can enhance your safety while journeying across different landscapes, utilizing various modes of transportation, or even traversing alternate dimensions (carrying or holding one). Beyond their practical functions, cat whiskers hold significance in maintaining equilibrium between different realms, establishing connections with the universe, and intensifying sensitivity to energies, emotions, and vibrations (burning with jasmine and mugwort). You can also use it for invisibility spells where you hide a black whisker near your bed to hide yourself from enemies and/or psychic attacks.

It’s worth noting that although color isn’t the primary factor, certain cultures attribute symbolic properties to different colors. For instance, black whiskers might be linked to strength and potency, whereas white whiskers could symbolize wisdom and purity.

Important: We ethically harvest our cat whiskers from the floor through careful searching with a torch light. We do not cut their whiskers and we discourage everyone to cut their whiskers as it is animal cruelty.  Simultaneously, cat whiskers exhibit infrequent shedding. Their small size and limited visibility make them challenging to come across; likewise, they only occasionally shed one every now and then. While we maintain a small number of cats, our household is not inundated with an excessive feline population that occupies every corner. Consequently, harvesting more whiskers proves to be a challenge. While we are unable to ensure the living conditions of cat whiskers obtained from external sources, we take pride in guaranteeing the quality of our own. Further insights about our feline companions can be found in the subsequent tab.


  • One (1) piece of cat whiskers (vibrissae) in a 7*5cm ziplock bag
  • Ethically Harvested from Home Cats
  • Size: Various of sizes
  • Quantity: one (1) whiskers per item

Warning: Do not consume. This product is not intended for consumption.



Magical apothecary for new age and spirituality.


Our Cats & Their Whiskers

Our feline companions are joyful and pleasantly plump little creatures that frolic around the living space, occasionally leaving behind their shed whiskers on the floor. This is when we gather these whiskers, as they hold significance for the cats in aiding their navigation. It’s also entirely natural for cats to shed whiskers as part of their hair growth cycle.

Our cats receive nourishment through holistic, grain-free meals and are frequently treated to snacks. They engage in playful activities and find repose in air-conditioned rooms filled with an array of toys, contributing to their evident happiness.

Whiskers hold more significance than mere decoration; they play a crucial role in a cat’s anatomy. It’s important to note that we never trim their whiskers, as such an action is regarded as inhumane. Cutting their whiskers is considered cruel and should never be done for personal reasons.

The whiskers of each cat exhibit unique characteristics in terms of size and curvature. These whiskers can vary, appearing either straight or possessing gentle curves, and they might be of varying lengths, ranging from short to long.

Allergen Information

All the items listed as available in our inventory are made and packaged within an environment that is safe for pets.

However, we want to bring to your attention that there is a possibility of cross-contamination with certain substances. Specifically, we cannot guarantee the prevention of cross-contamination with nuts, tree nuts, eggs, animal fur, and sesame. Even though our products themselves may not include these elements in their composition, the production and packaging processes occur in spaces that have had exposure to these substances.

If you have any concerns about allergen information, we encourage you to get in touch with us before making a purchase. We will be more than happy to provide you with the exact details you need.

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