Ritualistic Supplies: Cat Nail Sheaths


Ethically harvested from happy cats!

  • Protection
  • Navigation
  • Grounding
  • Baneful (Clawing or Hurting)
  • Shedding of Veils or Old Self
  • New Beginnings
  • Success (Climbing Up)


Cat nail sheaths hold a multitude of potential applications. Consider how felines employ their claws – as tools for safeguarding themselves and gripping objects. Their claws enhance traction on surfaces and facilitate upward climbs. The outer layers of their claws naturally shed, revealing new ones.

Given the aforementioned characteristics, contemplate how these attributes can harmonize with diverse intentions in your spellwork. Utilize them for protective spells, enveloping yourself or others in a shield of safety. Alternatively, they can serve in rituals with less benevolent intentions, enabling defensive action or reprisal against those who have caused harm. Beyond these uses, they hold relevance for grounding practices and spells involving movement or clearing paths. Moreover, their symbolism can infuse success spells, symbolizing ascension towards goals like securing promotions or establishing a presence in social hierarchies.

Typically, cat nails exhibit a white hue.

Important: We ethically harvest our cat nail sheaths from the floor through careful searching with a torch light. We do not pull off their nail sheaths deliberately and we do not encourage anyone from doing it. You can read a bit about our cats in the next tab. At the same time, cat sheaths shed naturally, they do not grow on season like plants.


  • One (1) ziplock bag of cat nail sheaths (nail keratin sheds) in a 7*5cm ziplock bag
  • Ethically Harvested from Home Cats
  • Size: Various of sizes
  • Quantity: one (1) pack of nail sheath per item

Warning: Do not consume. This product is not intended for consumption.



Magical apothecary for new age and spirituality.


Our Cats & Their Whiskers

Our delightful feline companions are full of joy and have a pleasantly plump appearance as they play around in our living spaces. Occasionally, they leave behind the discarded outer layers of their nails, known as nail sheaths, on the floor. These nail sheaths are composed of keratin, and as the claws grow, the outer material naturally starts to deteriorate. Eventually, the old sheaths are shed to unveil a fresh and healthy nail beneath.

Our cats are well taken care of with wholesome, grain-free meals and occasional treats. They enjoy engaging in playful activities and finding comfort in air-conditioned rooms that are adorned with a variety of toys, which all contribute to their evident happiness.

It’s crucial to emphasize that we never intentionally remove nail sheaths or pluck their nails, as such actions are considered inhumane. However, we do ensure their nails are appropriately trimmed when they become too long.

The shed nail sheaths vary in terms of thickness, size, length, and shape. It’s quite unpredictable what kinds of shapes we’ll discover on the floor after shedding!

Allergen Information

All the items listed as available in our inventory are made and packaged within an environment that is safe for pets.

However, we want to bring to your attention that there is a possibility of cross-contamination with certain substances. Specifically, we cannot guarantee the prevention of cross-contamination with nuts, tree nuts, eggs, animal fur, and sesame. Even though our products themselves may not include these elements in their composition, the production and packaging processes occur in spaces that have had exposure to these substances.

If you have any concerns about allergen information, we encourage you to get in touch with us before making a purchase. We will be more than happy to provide you with the exact details you need.

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