1. Material

Vermeil (Gold / Rose Gold; 实心纯银镀金/ 镀玫瑰金 )

It indicates that the base material (sterling silver) has been gold-plated. This is a suitable option for those with allergy to normal-plated (Nickel or Alloy) jewelry items. 

If the plating has been oxidized or turned black, you would need to be more careful when cleaning it. If the dirt is mainly on the surface, cleaning with running water should suffice. Do not use any cleaning agent or brushing the material to avoid any colour fading. After running under the water, use a soft cotton cloth to pad it dry. Do not rub it roughly or it will ruin the material. To some extent, soft brushes are allowed to be used (with or without a gentle toothpaste) before putting it under running water.


Silver plated (镀银锡合金) is a gold-plated material with tin alloy as the base. If there are changes in colour/turned black/fading colour/ colour corrosion, usually it would not be able to return the same shine as before.

Sterling Silver (S925; 纯银 ) is a type of silver with 925/1000 purity. It is a combination of pure silver with some other metal (usually copper), which leads the resulting alloy to giving the silver strength. However, it will inevitably tarnish over time upon contact with air. You can slow down the tarnishing process by keeping the accessories into an airtight bag or container. If your accessories look dull, wiping it down with damp cloth will suffice. Do not scrub too hard. You can use a special silver polishing cloth as well but it would not get rid of scratches. By standard, it is at least 92.5% silver. The standard is at least 92.5% silver.

Stainless steel (不锈钢) It can withstand air, steam and water type of corrosion, which makes it very hard to corrode or oxidize. It is tougher than Sterling Silver so it will be easier to look after. They would still get scratched so it’s always good to keep them in a separate container or pouches. Rinsing it under running water would do. Dry it completely with cloth to prevent any water spots. Don’t use a silver polish cloth, it is safer to use a stainless steel polish cloth. You can also use a gentle cleaning agent and brush it gently with a soft brush for a more thorough cleaning.

2. Daily Care

There are many reasons as to why an accessories turn dark/faded/corroded/scratched. 
It is all depending on how we wear it and how we keep it.

  1. Sweating 
  2. Perfume
  3. Detergent / cleaning agent
  4. Sulfuric Soap
  5. Knocking on surfaces
  6. Contact with water
  7. Humidity
  8. Above average acidic skin
  9. Air pollution (hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, any acidic component in the air, etc)
  10. Time (over half a year)

What are the usual activities to be avoided?

  1. Avoid wearing it with prolonged sweating duration.
  2. Avoid swimming in pools maintained with chlorine.
  3. Avoid soaking in hot springs and sea water.
  4. Avoid wearing it in saunas.
  5. Avoid contacting with hair styling chemicals from salon and daily styling products.
  6. Avoid contacting with perfume, skin care products, makeup products, etc.
  7. Avoid wearing while cleaning anything.
  8. Avoid showering, sleeping and doing sports with accessories.
  9. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing too hard.
  10. Avoid cramping all jewelries and accessories together.
  11. Avoid keeping in a damp or humid place.
  12. Avoid keeping the accessories before they are completely dry.
If you are worried about allergy, you can create a barrier between your skin and the accessories with a layer of clear nail polish. Please do so at your own risk.
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