by Mera-ki

By Mera-ki, launched on the 10th October 2020, is a combination of different brands. Each brand has their own feelings and aesthetics but they would essentially go back to the same intention: bringing absolute passion and devotion to the things that we do, which is the same meaning of the Greek word, Meraki.

“Who’s that black cat that’s appearing anywhere?”
That will be Marjorie, our mascot. ✨


The MDST (MODEST) by Mera-ki focuses on accessories which aims to enhance every individual’s daily style. The brand curates a list of accessories with limited quantity so that more varieties could be offered. The variety of choices are mainly timeless yet fitting for almost occasion. The brand pays attention to every sizes as well, ensuring that everyone has a chance to try what is being offered by maximizing the flexibility of the accessories to as many sizes as possible.


The MRKI (Meraki) by Mera-ki features lashes with a fun twist while pushing aside the traditionally known styles (edgy, super voluminous, hyper-elongated). MRKI lashes mainly focus on natural yet playful styles that suit almost every occasion. The brand was created due to the lack of natural yet enhancing false lashes for individuals, mainly new beginners or inexperienced individual, with smaller and narrower eyes. This has resulted the MRKI to recognize the vast variety of eye shapes and eye sizes, which the brand would ensure that each lash offered would benefit as many individuals as possible.

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