Merak-ulous Lashes

Natural Looking

Our lashes look like real hair but they are actually synthetic! #Crueltyfree We say no to fake-looking lashes with blunt tips, no matter how cheap they are!

100% Handcrafted & Durable

Individually made. Each pair of lashes are unique to themselves. They also last for 10-15 wears under proper care.

Easy to Wear

It has a softer band that makes the application process a whole lot easier, especially for new-wearers with narrow lid spaces. They are comfortable too!

All Size Matters

We make sure to cater to as many types of eye shapes as possible! Everyone deserves perfect fit. Psst: not all thick and long lashes looks good on everyone.

Being a Merkalis

It is meant by being someone who is absolutely devoted and passionate towards the crafts and tasks.

We love all our items and we hope that you can feel our passion within too.

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